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What You Should Know From Pre-Season

1) Don’t watch it

2) Don’t base your Regular Season predictions off of it

I did the first one.

I’m going to do the second one.

Kobe has zero fcks to give
Which is a good thing honestly. The Lakers aren’t a team heading in any direction. A perfect environment for Kobe to shoot himself into basketball history. If you haven’t seen a Laker game by now, I’ll tell you this.

Admired Once Retired

Five rings, Finals MVP, All-Star, member of the most successful sports teams of your generation.

Tony Parker is a living basketball Legend who’s only 32 years old. But no one seems to talk about him that way. Until he’s in the NBA Finals again, then the media gives him a day worth of coverage. Time to change that.

Every Spurs guy should get an asterisk next to their stats saying they put team first, never me first.

Kobe – A Working Title

Lost in a search for a title, I realized my painful brain search was fitting to the enigma ‘Kobe Bryant’. I was thinking ‘A Fitting End To A Legend’, ‘American Psycho’, ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ and so on… Truth is, throughout his illustrious career, we’ve seen so many sides of Bryant, it’s hard to punch out one title that sums it up.

The NBA Season Preview

I had my doubts writing during the NBA Off-Season. But everything you hear during the Off-Season is based on rumors and gossip.I don’t like reading that stuff and I advise to you, you don’t read it either…So let’s start at the begin.
RocketshipsThe biggest news this Off-Season was ofcourse the Rockets hauling in Dwight Howard. Dwight himself, said that the main reason he chose Houston was Chandler Parsons.

The NBA Hypothetical Play-Offs

It’s been a while since my last post. I know, I’m sorry, but I’m poor and I’m not so sure if my computer is any better than your average 70′s typewriter. I’m fully dependent on my sister’s laptop and she’s never around so… I’d be really happy if someone felt the need right now to send me a laptop.

Back on-topic, the NBA Play-Offs! Let’s be real here, we all want to know how everything would’ve went if D.

What Happened To Kareem Rush?

You don’t know Kareem Rush? Ask a Minnesota Timberwolves fan!

In the ’03-’04 season, the Lakers assembled a Hall of Fame team that included Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Gary Payton. Because of this stacked starting five, the rest of their roster wasn’t that jaw-dropping. During the regular season Rush made a name for himself mainly because of his outside shooting.

What Happened to Michael Beasley ?

After signing a lucrative deal in Phoenix and a promised starting role, it seemed Michael Beasley was on his way to have a break-out season this year. Game after game, he wasn’t able to produce at an efficient level, which caused then-head coach Alvin Gentry to demote him to a bench player.

Michael Beasley is running out of opportunity

Let’s take a look back…The future seemed bright for Michael Beasley coming out of college.

Kobe or Dirk?

The NBA Play-Offs are inching closer and as always, storylines are unfolding in the Wild West. What makes it that much more interesting this year, is the fact that perennial championship contenders with their aging superstars, are now fighting to prolong their season. Of course I’m talking about the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers who are about to battle eachother tonight. To complete the list of potential Play-Off candidates, the Utah Jazz are also in the running.

Started From The Bottom... Now I'm Back

NBA players! A lot of them have to overcome poverty and a lifestyle based on a minimum of luxury. It’s not a surprise when those guys gets multimillion dollar deals, they don’t have any clue how to manage these sums of money.

The NBA is aware of this problem, roughly sixty percent of NBA players file for bankruptcy after five years of their retirement. That’s why the NBA installed a Rookie program to teach young players how to handle themselves and their money.

9 Ways To Improve The NBA

I love basketball. I love the NBA. I think NBA players are the world’s greatest athletes. But the NBA still has room to improve. These are my suggestions to make the NBA a better and more appealing league.

1. Blocking/Charge Call

They should ban the restricted area, ban the blocking call under the basket. If it isn’t a charge, let them play. Why? Because the refs can’t consistently make that call.

NBA Memoires:

After I missed out on the historic Slam Dunk Contest in February, I started to watch NBA games on the test channel. My parents thought I was the most pathetic thing ever and decided to get ‘Canal+’. A package of channels which included two NBA games a week. After things got set up, I was ready to follow my favourite player, Shaq, begin his quest to his first NBA championship. First opponent? The Sacramento Kings.

Chris Bosh: Boss of the Videobomb

Did you know the Miami Heat have a big three? Like Lebron, Wade and another superstar. Did you know that guy earns the most money out of those three? It’s Chris Bosh and I absolutely love him.

He’s the guy who sacrificed his 20 ppg and 10 rpg to play for a championship contender. He’s the one who gets called gay, soft, underachieving, etc. without complaining.

Derrick Rose 2.0 or Remember when Rose used to?

As the return by Derrick Rose comes closer, questions arise whether Rose will be the player he was before the injury. Will he have lost his athleticism and turn into a shooter or will he show the world he’s as explosive as ever? Time will tell… or is it possible history could tell us what to expect?

The Chicago Bulls had just finished another great regular season and they were destined to clash with the Miami Heat for the Eastern Conference crown.


Just in case you didn’t know, that’s Kobe’s new nickname. Like wine, he seems to get better with age. Just recently I realised something: Kobe is one of three living NBA All-Time legends I’ve been blessed to watch his entire career. The other two being Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan.

I could create a blogpost about the greatest achievements by Kobe, but I’m not going too.

The NBA's Deadliest Snipers

After his recent bombardment against Indiana and New York, which made Nagasaki look like a slight drizzle, it’s time to look at the best shooters in the game. Steph Curry probably had the most impressive scoring output ever at MSG. He poured in 54 points on 28 shots, including a staggering 11/13 from three point area. To put things into perspective, MJ needed 37 shots to hit 55 points.

A League Full Of Things You Did not Know (part II)

There’s more knowledge to be passed along!

Here’s another dose of random facts about NBA players!

Former NBA player A.C. Green’s nickname is ‘Iron Man’ because he holds the record for consecutive games played with 1192. Green claims he began and ended his NBA career as a virgin, he famously wore a green puppet on his head as a sign for his abstinence. So no sex = no injuries!

Kobe Bryant has a rap record with Tyra Banks.


It seems LeBron James reads my blog.

After I posted my picks for the awards halfway into the season, he went mental. I picked Kevin Durant as my MVP. After he went mental, he decided to crush every record you can break during a 30-day span. By now you probably already saw what he accomplished in the month of February, but because it’s that mind-blowing. I’m going to take you through it.

Being A Rookie In The NBA Can Suck

Every year, new players get a chance to start of their careers in the NBA. Some players are big names even before they get drafted, others aren't known at all. The one thing they all got in common? Rookie hazing! To earn respect from their veteran teammates, they have to do whatever their teammates and/or coaches ask them. From ordering donuts to wearing pink backpacks, here are the best rookie hazing moments to date.

Trade Talk

Trade deadline is closer than ever! Time to take a look which GM has been on the phone these past few days and what trade scenarios are unfolding.


The Eric Bledsoe & DeAndre Jordan for Garnett talks are dead. Communication between the teams has ended and Clippers management will only pursue a trade if they get the green light from their franchise player Chris Paul.

Trade Deadline: Who's Going Where?

February is the month of change in the NBA. It’s a time when young journalists try to make up a trade buzz, just to rack up some views. Where a nobody goes on Twitter, says he knows a source, uses the right hashtags and starts a huge trade rumor. Just to clear some air on some things you might’ve heard. Here are the latest trade rumors you should believe.

Josh Smith is going to be traded. He already made it clear this season, he wants a change of scenery.