3x3 Basketball

"Playing for a medal"

Hind Ben Abdelkader isn't shy of the spotlights. Even more so, she steps up when the spotlights are focused on her and the game clock is ticking away. Leading her team to 2 bronze medals this past summer (one at the World Championships 3X3 and the other one at the European Championship 3X3), she's the current #1 on the women's FIBA 3X3 Ranking

This summer, Ben Abdelkader is looking forward to teaming up again with her 3X3-teammates Sara Leemans and basketball legend Ann Wauters for the first ever European Games in Baku where 3X3 Basketball will be part of the program. 

The goal? "I believe that together we can do something great in Baku and play for a medal again" she says in an interview with Baku2015.com

In Baku, 16 teams will be participating in the women's competition: 

The 16 teams will be divided in groups of 4 and will play a round-robin phase leading to a single elimination as of eight-final games. The men's competition, with Team Belgium 3X3 Men also competing, will be played in the same format. 

The 16 men's teams that are qualified for the EG are: 

Let's get those medals, Belgium!

About the European Games

The European Games are kind of like the Olympics for Europe and will be held every 4 years. Traditional sports as well as non-traditional sports (like 3X3 Basketball) are part of the program, hoping to give these non-traditional sports an extra boost in becoming an Olympic discipline. 

The EG 2015 will be held in Baku, Azerbeijan from June 12 until June 28. The 3X3 Basketball competition will take place from 23-26 June.