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5 reasons why you should have an account on 3X3Planet.com

We'll jump right into it: here are 5 (+1) reasons why you should have an account on 3X3Planet! 
  1. You'll be part of the family
    We're all one big happy family, right?! Becoming a member of the 3X3 social hub, is officially embracing 3X3 as one of your basketball skills and interests. You'll be able to find and connect with friends and other baller that play 3X3.  Your profile is your business card: it says who you are, where you're from, how old you are and on which ballerlevel you're playing, amongst many other things.
  2. Build up your ranking to become #1
    Playing in 3X3 endorsed events, you'll get Ranking Points for every game you play. The bigger the tournament, the more points you'll receive. You can compare the 3X3 Ranking with the WTA Ranking in tennis: every player earns points for every tournament, the player with the most points is the best player. 
    Who doesn't want to become the #1 player in his hometown, in Belgium, in Europe, in the world? It's all possible...

    And a big plus: becoming #1 in your country might even get you into the national team 3X3. How 'bout playing in the European or World Championship 3X3? Would be great, right? 
  3. Find events EVERYWHERE
    3X3 Planet is of course the biggest 3X3 site in the world. It connects organizers from over the world with players from over the world? You're going on a vacation in China? Why not play some 3X3 whilst there?
    All FIBA Endorsed events are on 3X3 Planet, so why aren't you? 
  4. Compare yourself with friends and other ballers from around the world
    One of the fun things you can do on 3X3 Planet is compare yourself with other 3X3 players. See how much better you are than your best friend? Check. Compare yourself with #1 in your country? Check. Compare yourself with Blaz Cresnar, the #1 in the world? Check!
  5. Check your results from previous games and tournaments
    You can check the results from your last games on your profile. Your win/loss ratio, which tournaments you played, who you played against and so on. A great way to track your records and maybe even find some new 3X3 friends! You can even sign up for upcoming tournaments. 
  6. You're making things easier for organizers
    Yes, an extra reason why you should become member of 3X3 Planet! By signing up, organizers using the Event Maker, will be able to find you on the 3X3 Planet. This way, you'll get your ranking point much quicker and all data can be linked to your profile. Ow yeah!  

So there you have it, 5+1 reasons why you should become part of the 3X3 Family and sign up at www.3X3planet.com. What are you waiting for?