3x3 Basketball

Age gets to us all

It's only when you think about it that you realize time flies and time flew by in T-Mac's era. Not only his of course but you get what I'm saying. It seems like just yesterday he was postering Shawn Bradley.

I remember feeling sad about a superstar falling into mediocrity and eventually dissapearing into the shadows of irrelevance. That superstar was, my hero, Shawn Kemp. It seemed like one day he was snatching lobs out of the air from Gary Payton. Fiercely dunking on Dennis Rodman in the Finals, where it was clear to me Kemp was one of the best. By the time I blinked, he had a dozen kids, a drug problem and with that, a weight problem. It broke my heart. Seeing this guy go from stardom to bad tabloid news. T-Mac didn't really get the insanely bad rep and the Reignman still has my respect but these guys seemed to be the best for a glimpse and then fate took a turn for the worse.

Kobe, LeBron, Michael, Magic, Larry, to name a few, took the right turn. It's sad. Of course we hated seeing guys like MJ and Magic go too but let's face it, they'll be hailed till my kids are old. Guys like Kemp and T-Mac will never get that praise. They were great, for a while