3x3 Basketball

10 reasons why you should be at 3X3 Masters

  1. Fun
    Let's get the obvious out of the way first. The 3X3 Masters are fun: you get to play basketball with your friends (not with those annoying players who hog the ball all the time) in a relaxed athmosphere. Sounds great, don't you agree? 

  2. Stay busy in the offseason
    3X3 is a great way to stay in shape during the months that you don't practice with your team. There are plenty of tournaments to play (check the tournament calendar here or on 3X3planet.com) so you have no excuses to sit on your ass whole summer. And let's be honest, you rather play basketball than do cardio, right?

  3. Learn new things
    You might learn a thing or two playing 3X3 Basketball. you can check out other players from all ages and learn how they move and what skills they use. Watching other players play is an underestimated way of learning the game. If you see a new move, you can try it out at your next game. Trial and error will get you a long way.

  4. Get better at what you do 
    You got some moves. you got a crossover, behind the back dribble, pull up jumper... In 3X3 you can bring your skill to the next level. Think about it, only 3 defenders stand between you and the basket, much more spacing and less tactics. Your crossover turns into a 'killer crossover' in a 3X3 game. Practise makes perfect, so practice your skills in 3X3 to make it work in 5X5.  

  5. Show your skills
    Ballers like to show off from time to time, we know that. If basketball is your art, then 3X3 Masters is your stage. You have the chance to show your skills to other players and lots of spectators. If you make it to the Finals in Antwerp, then you made it to the big stage. No stagefright please! 

  6. Enjoy the other side of basketball
    We all know that basketball is a game with fierce competitors, win-first mentality and in-your-face players. But there's more to the game and players than that. 3X3 Masters is the ultimate place to chill with your teammates and opponents. The place where it's all about the big basketball family, the place where you root for the guy that just dunked on you in the dunkcontest. 

  7. You have pride
    Maybe you played at one of our tournaments last year. If that's the case, you should have enough pride to defend your title or to steal the title this year. Either way, you should be playing.
  8. Beats
    Ow yeah, that's right. 2 top DJ's are playing their best tunes during each tournament. So if you like beats, we got the right ones for you. 

  9. Cool prizes
    It's all about winning championships! You get the chance to win a 3X3 Championship at our 3X3 Masters: the best teams from each qualifying tournament advance to the 3X3 Masters Finals in Antwerp on July 20th. Once you get there, the championship is within reach. And besides that, we have some other cool things to give away. For example, the winners of the 18+ Men will get a ticket to go to the World Tour Masters in Lausanne. 
    That's the biggest 3X3 Tournament in Europe.

  10. FIBA Europe and FIBA Endorsed
    The 3X3 Masters are the only FIBA Endorsed events in Belgium. This means they are connected to the FIBA 3X3 network and they're part of a global 3X3 tour. Just check out www.3X3planet.com to learn more about it.
    And this year, FIBA Europe is coming to Antwerp with their trucks full of basketball equipment. This means basketball courts, official backboards, shotclocks etc. That's nice isn't it? 

There you have it, 10 reasons why you should play at the 3X3 Masters. Fully convinced? Sign up at www.3X3masters.be. 

3X3 Masters 2013
23/6 - Leuven, 30/6 - Machelen, 6/7 - Gent, 13/7 - Brussel, 19/7 - Antwerpen, 20/7 Finals (Antwerpen)